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Симблет С. - Ботаника для художников: рисуем растения - Скачать PDF - Картины и художники

Симблет С. - Ботаника для художников: рисуем растения

Название: Ботаника для художников: рисуем растения
Автор: Симблет С.
Популярность: 9141
Скачиваний: 402
Описание: Following the success of Anatomy for the Artist and Sketch Book for the Artist, Botany for the Artist teaches readers in step-by-step illustrations and expert narrative instruction how to master the art of drawing plants. Page after page of beautiful, detailed photographs complement Sarah Simblet s illustrations showing how an understanding of botany really helps you to draw plants; drawing classes provide a wealth of practical how-to advice; and pages from Sarah's own sketchbooks as well as inspirational master classes reveal how other artists-from 17th century masters to contemporary botanical illustrators-have portrayed plants throughout the years. This lavishly illustrated book will not only be the definitive guide for those wishing to master the art of drawing plants, but a sumptuous gift book for all those passionate about plants and how they are portrayed in art
Размер: 9.57 MB